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EXPLORER Mobile Gateway and PRISM PTT+
Welcome to the future of radio

The EXPLORER Mobile Gateway with our PRISM PTT+ service is our most intelligent Push-To-Talk solution available. The solution integrates with your existing radios so the user can continue to operate their well-known equipment. In the backend, we ensure the message is being delivered safely – anywhere.

Integrated with existing radio solution

Use PRISM PTT+ to expand your existing radio solution for reliable coverage - anywhere. The voice protocol is optimized for satellite, as well as very poor link conditions at the edge of radio coverage. By interconnecting PRISM PTT+ with your existing mobile radio, you maintain full support for your current VHF/UHF radio system, while at the same time PRISM PTT+ expands the reach to include your VHF/UHF devices beyond line-of-sight. Your crew can rely on their usual portable radios as all integration is either done remotely in-vehicle or at HQ ‘one-by-one’. No need to bulk-integrate; take one radio at a time and experience the benefits at your own pace and with no risk of failing communication.

Seamless switching

The most crucial element of communication is to ensure the communication line is stable and reliable. Our PRISM technology provides network resilience and enables immediate change of network links depending on the exact link conditions. Even in the middle of a transmission, PRISM can seamlessly switch network links without dropping a single sound, providing superior stability and reliability in every transmission.

Global, beyond-the-horizon coverage

Expand your coverage area immediately by utilizing the coverage of the biggest service providers within terrestrial and satellite communications. PRISM relies on the Internet Protocol (IP) traffic, which means that with just two pieces of equipment you get global coverage. Integrate your current radio system to PRISM and obtain beyond-the-horizon coverage from all your mobile/portable radios.

Multi-bearer networks

The EXPLORER Mobile Gateway can utilize up to three different networks simultaneously. This could for example be BGAN + LAN + 3G/4G. The Mobile Gateway will then choose the cheapest stable link (based on priority setting). All networks are monitored continuously to always choose the most efficient route. The Mobile Gateway is network agnostic, and the unique system design enables immediate compliance with future networks (like 5G). Just choose your favorite local service provider.

Real-time data

Because of the advanced IP connectivity used in PRISM PTT+, the user can easily and securely transfer data from the field. Run your company and business critical applications over PRISM, back to your servers, in real-time and without interruption. Use this function for distributing critical information like job descriptions, images, text etc. from headquarters to the user, no matter how remotely the user is located. You can add Wi-Fi to your vehicles and choose whether or not certain applications are allowed over satellite, terrestrial and LAN individually. Welcome to a world of connectivity!

Secure communications

All communication between the EXPLORER Mobile Gateway and the PRISM PTT+ system is encrypted with AES256 CTR encryption to ensure secure communication at all times. A lost Mobile Gateway can be revoked from the server remotely by the administrator. The Mobile Gateway is also equipped with a hardware security chip to ensure a unique and safe provisioning of the Mobile Gateway into the network. This keeps your communication safe.

24/7 support

With a subscription to the PRISM PTT+ service delivered by Cobham SATCOM, our partners will have full access to the PRISM PTT+ service without running their own server. The Cobham service is covered by 24/7 support to ensure first class service to our PTT specialized partners.

Inter-agency talk groups

Users from different agencies can create inter-agency talk groups on the fly, enabling cross communication between their PRISM PTT+ connected devices. Thereby, different agencies working on the same mission can immediately communicate directly from vehicle to vehicle, and also between their respective headquarters.

Certified hardware

Our hardware is manufactured in an ISO 9001 production facility and adheres to several environmental regulations (WEEE, RoHS and REACH), as well as being certified and evaluated to show compliance to CE through any applicable directives. This testifies to its proven premium quality.

In the world of increased connectivity, we keep expecting more from our daily equipment. Together with the growing demand for connectivity, users are looking for built-in intelligence in their critical tools.


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Public safety

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Imagine a solution that can expand your existing radio network, thereby reducing your operational costs without costing you a fortune to implement. A solution that does not require new training for your employees, but looks and feels the same as they are used to.

What is PRISM PTT+

Say goodbye to white spots

When you need to make mission-critical and often life-saving voice calls or send and receive important data, white spots are unacceptable. You need a failsafe solution that guarantees real-time connectivity in all conditions – regardless of where you are.

With no new infrastructure required and delivered as a turnkey solution, Cobham SATCOM’s ruggedized, easy-to-use PRISM PTT+ solution eradicates white spots for good by integrating diverse carriers with existing radio networks, even complex digital networks like P.25.

Leveraging the power of Cobham SATCOM’s innovative PRISM (Private Routing & Intelligent System Management) technology, PRISM PTT+ maximises bandwidth utilisation, extends coverage and reduces infrastructure cost, all while improving fault tolerance and security.

You can expand your coverage immediately by adding the biggest service providers within cellular networks (2G/3G/LTE) and satellite networks (Inmarsat, Iridium, ViaSat) to your own radio infrastructure, without compromising on security.


The EXPLORER Mobile Gateway interfaces with both Band 14 LTE modems and Inmarsat satellite terminals. Therefore, PRISM PTT+ can be used where FirstNet compliance is a requirement. Contact your local service provider for further details.

Inspired by traditional LMR systems, PRISM PTT+ supports the use of Talk Groups. A Talk Group is similar to a VHF/UHF channel – all member devices can communicate via Talk Groups. Contrary to a radio channel that works only locally/within-the-horizon, Talk Groups work globally/beyond-the-horizon and can be configured to work across government agencies.

Coverage is actually not determined by the EXPLORER Mobile Gateway, but by the service provider. Inmarsat covers globally, except for the North and South poles. Iridium has global coverage as long as the terminal stays within Line-of-Sight to the satellites. In urban areas where Line-of-Sight might be obscured by buildings and roofs, cellular modems provide coverage. Altogether, the PRISM PTT+ solution gives you global coverage with redundancy to ensure stable and reliable communication for your staff.

Yes, as long as the terminal provides internet connection through the available interfaces. However, the EXPLORER Mobile Gateway is designed for use with Cobham satellite terminals, and will only provide seamless routing if such a terminal is connected.

Our intelligent technology, PRISM, has been tested and improved over a number of years. Feedback from our customers, together with advanced testing internally, ensures that PRISM PTT+ delivers voice and data communication according to our specification.

The list of cellular modems is always expanding. We currently support a number of Sierra Wireless modems, USB Pen modems and other similar products. To figure out if your preferred modem is included on the list, please contact your local PRISM PTT+ partner.

Our list of satellite terminals is expanding. Currently, the following L-Band terminals are supported:

  • EXPLORER 122 (Viasat)
  • EXPLORER 325 (Inmarsat)
  • EXPLORER 727 (Inmarsat)
  • EXPLORER 510 (Inmarsat)
  • EXPLORER 540 (Inmarsat)
  • EXPLORER 710 (Inmarsat)
  • SAILOR FleetOne (Inmarsat)
  • SAILOR 150/250/500 (Inmarsat)
  • SAILOR 4300 (Iridium)
Welcome to the future of LMR/PMR; where voice and data are integrated into the same hardware, utilizing Radio-over-IP (RoIP) with the possibility of incorporating your existing two-way radio communication solution.

Where to buy

Our worldwide partner network offers you a complete range of service and support for our products. All of our certified partners with a PTT specialization are trained and have the skills to provide the best service to PRISM PTT+ customers.

To obtain a PTT specialization, partners are required to get technical training in our PRISM PTT+ products and solutions, service tools and customer support. This brings significant benefit to you as a customer, because all our certified partners with a PTT specialization have the right competencies to identify and meet your communication and application needs.

Find a certified partner


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