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Transformative solutions for LEO and MEO satellite tracking

Cobham SATCOM - TRACKER Antennas

TRACKER Antennas

Created using antenna technology and design philosophy perfected by Cobham SATCOM over the course of two decades, the highly innovative TRACKER antenna range optimizes satellite network operation and economics.

Cobham SATCOM`s TRACKER 2400 - satellite tracking real time



TRACKER inertial balanced antenna system technology is a revolutionary platform which enables Satellite Network Operators to significantly reduce their land segment capital cost as well as operational overheads over the life of a satellite.

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Fully integrated platform

All TRACKER antennas are delivered ready to go with radome, antenna controller, feeds and customer specific RF (BUC and LNB) as well as built-in auto-tracking.

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Low-power consumption

Cutting-edge 3-Axis inertial balanced technology stabilizes the system for effortless tracking and very low power consumption compared to more traditional X/Y platforms.

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Simplified installation

Unlike traditional ground stations which can take months to build, a satellite gateway based on TRACKER antennas can be installed and operational in days.

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Robust and resilient

Capable of withstanding hurricane force winds, Cobham SATCOM’s advanced technology radomes ensure robustness of the overall system design and high link availability regardless of weather and atmospheric conditions.

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Reduced lifecycle costs

Amplifying significantly lower energy and installation costs, TRACKER antennas feature streamlined operations & maintenance, which contribute to optimising the overall system economics of a satellite network.

Communications Gateway

A new approach to gateways and landing stations - scalable, easily implemented and supported, and cost-effective. TRACKER Gateways have been selected by multiple LEO/MEO constellation operators based on proven performance and reliability, robust design suitable for all environments, low total cost of ownership, and Cobham SATCOM’s ability to meet demanding implementation schedules.

Modular and easily configured, TRACKER Gateway terminals are available in a range of sizes and in single or dual frequency bands.  Three-axis tracking with protective radome allows operation in the harshest environments and ensures accurate tracking at all times, with optimum signal quality, uninterrupted passes, low power consumption, and high reliability.

TRACKER is a versatile and scalable platform, initially chosen to validate early LEO and high altitude balloon projects, and later selected for multiple commercial roll-outs.  Whether high speed communications, data transfers, or IoT and M2M links - TRACKER has become the most cost-effective and dependable choice for business-critical, carrier-grade gateways and landing stations.

Earth Observation

Cobham SATCOM has played a role in the development of EO and New Space through its proven TRACKER series of cost-effective, easily configured, and highly reliable satellite tracking systems.

TRACKER systems are in wide-scale operation and have become a leading choice for:

  • Mission-critical satellite search and rescue organizations
  • Marine traffic and monitoring services
  • Earth Observation and imagery companies
  • Emerging satellite IoT and M2M providers

TRACKER systems are modular and easily configurable, whether receive only or transmit/receive, in the widely used S/X band or other single or dual-band combinations. The protective radome shields the antenna from all environmental conditions and yields higher tracking accuracy and throughput, with industry-leading reliability. Systems are delivered pre-configured and pre-tested, with simple software tools and standard interfaces, allowing quick installation and connection to the user network.

High reliability, ease and flexibility of installation, and the proprietary balanced low-power tracking system ensure uninterrupted operation at a significantly lower total cost of ownership than other systems. Systems are delivered with a full warranty, backed by Cobham SATCOM’s 24/7 customer service and global support network, with optional installation and tailored support services.

Product Sheets


TRACKER Portfolio

Frequency Flexibility. Platform scalability. Built on a Heritage of Reliability.


3-Axis LEO/MEO/GEO tracking antenna system compatible with Ka-band satellites


A modern solution built on proven heritage and capabilities, ready for tomorrow’s needs


True 4m antenna performance across all frequencies


Unlocking new capabilities though unmatched performance and reliability


Highly robust for continuous operation under all environmental conditions



A modern solution built on proven heritage and capabilities, ready for tomorrow’s Earth Observation needs


Highly robust for continuous operation under all environmental conditions


Enjoy life-time cost savings and sustainable operations for tracking satellites in any orbit and on all common frequencies.

Antenna Size UHF L-S C C/X X X/S Ku/X Ku Ka Q V E Tri-band
65cm x x
1m x x
1.6m x x x x x
2.4m x x x x x x x
3.7m x x x x x x
4m x x x x x x
6m x x x x x
Flat panel 65cm-Ka-band x

Even the largest TRACKER antennas require only minimal civil works for the foundation and cabling infrastructure.

TRACKER radomes provide complete protection in extreme conditions, ensuring high up-time while mitigating repair costs.

Manufacturing & logistics

We have scaled our manufacturing and logistics capabilities to meet demand from the LEO and MEO sectors, ensuring that TRACKER antenna orders can be completed quickly and efficiently.

Remote support

TRACKER antennas boast industry-leading Mean Time Between Failures, while sophisticated remote support functionalities further reduce the need to call out engineers for most service issues.

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