SAILOR 4300 L-band

With over 280,000 L-band installations in the field, and more than 20 years of customer feedback, the SAILOR 4300 delivers what today’s customers demand – reliable, high-performing and cost effective connectivity at sea.

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As a high-performance standalone terminal, or a reliable companion for existing VSAT systems, SAILOR 4300 L-band is the best solution in the market. In choosing Cobham’s SAILOR 4300 users will have the unique ability to access the largest portfolio of antennas in the industry, ensuring the seamless transition onto one integrated platform, powered by the world’s leading maritime connectivity company.
  • Great Dynamic Range
    Greatest Motion Dynamics in industry
  • 3 Voice Lines
    3 high quality voice lines
  • Multiple Satellite Tracking
    Track multiple satellites with no moving parts
  • No Scheduled Service
    No scheduled service required
  • Rack Mount
    Bulkhead or 19” rackmount BDU
    GMDSS compliant via built-in GNSS
Through Iridium NEXT, the SAILOR 4300 enables fast internet speed and supports both data-heavy applications and everyday usage including:

  • email and electronic reporting
  • crew communication
  • automated synchronization of Enterprise Business systems

With Iridium and SAILOR 4300 you have real time data without any delays and that is important for improving operations on shoreside. The improved voice quality is key.

Heiko Höfer
Founder and Managing Director, Nordic IT Marine Communication eK
Through a simplified installation process, cost optimised hardware and with no scheduled service requirements, the SAILOR 4300 minimises the overall cost of ownership.

Cost effective

Cost effective cabling approach

No need for new, expensive high spec cables. Reuse any existing cabling to save hours of installation time and thousands of dollars

Reuse network devices

Reuse existing network devices

No new devices required. SAILOR 4300 easily plugs into existing network setup onboard

Low cost

Cost effective price point

Only US$ 8,995 MRSP

Communication is everything today. For a business like ours, if we waste a couple of hours we lose thousands in profits.

Rasmus Hald
Captain, Karbak HM 635
Karbak HM 635
The SAILOR 4300 L-band is designed with convenience in mind. A standard Application Programming Interface (API) provides the flexibility needed for service providers or end users to create custom features and capabilities.

Easy installation

Easy to install

Extremely light and compact with one cable below deck and an integrated antenna and modem

Part of SAILOR

Part of trusted SAILOR portfolio

Familiar user interfaces known from SAILOR VSAT portfolio and expert trained global maritime service network

Easily integrates

Easy integration

With onboard voice and data smartboxes

The advantage of the SAILOR 4300 is that we can use the existing cabling. You can just mount the SAILOR 4300 and are ready to go. It’s as easy as installing a router in your home office. Very easy.

Holger Börchers
IT-Manager, Briese Schiffahrts GmbH & Co.KG
Nordic IT2
In an ever changing environment make sure you invest with the future in mind. With decades of maritime experience, we work closely with regulatory bodies across the world to ensure our solutions always take future legislation into consideration.


Prepare for GMDSS

Supports Iridium GMDSS services launching in 2020

Accelerate your business

Accelerate your business

Upgrade to 704/176 kbps by end of 2019

Cyber Security

Minimise risk exposure

The SAILOR 4300 is designed specifically without a WiFi router to eliminate cyber loopholes and pair easily with standard IT devices acclaimed for their cyber security capabilities

Interested to learn more about how our SAILOR 4300 L-band can support your business?

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